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June 12, 2011

I read this a while ago and at the time shared it with my favourite people. Anyway I just read it again and it’s just such a delight.

Thought I’d try expose even just one people to its goodness

Actually, take a look at the whole site. Almost everything he writes is golden, it’s very easy to see why he has 90,000 readers every month.

You know how there are some people you just meet and you think oh yeah, I’d get along with them? I feel like he’d be a friend. Haha I really want to be better friends with one of my lab partners. There’s a closer to home example.

I have two cups of coffee, one each side of my laptop. Sentry! (I’m surprised I spelt that write, I checked it with googlebot). I watched Earthlings for the first time about two years ago and it is some sort of magnificent. Although it is totally pushing the vegetarian/veganism agenda with a vengeance, after watching some of the horrific treatment of animals that goes down in the world, all instigated by humans- the so-called intelligent species- you can see why they push it so hard. I don’t recommend watching it if you enjoy your meat and you have even a little tiny sprinkling of empathy. You won’t look back after this. Anyway the reason I mention it is because a few days ago, when I was going through some emotional trauma (histrionic description? Nonetheless that’s how I felt) I watched it again. Now, this was probably a very foolish time to rewatch a documentary such as this because my mind was just pleading for some (any) cause to parasitically latch onto.

So the first time I watched Earthlings, I became vegetarian.

This time, I decided veganism is the way to go.

Not a particularly large step for me because I didn’t drink cow milk or eat very much dairy as it was (not specifically for humane reasons, I just genuinely don’t like it). So it was mainly cutting out products that had animal products in them. First I had to find out which food additives weren’t vegetarian because it’s just not something you can just know without reading about it. Then it was just practising being a label sleuth. I’m pretty well-versed in decoding labels already as a result of being diabetic (type 1 if you’re a first time reader) so it didn’t seem like too much of a daunting task.

Basically, I was just trying it out. Didn’t go around proclaiming look at ME, I’m a VEGAN, give me MEGA-KUDOS! However, I can see why people feel strongly enough to do this as for a lot of people dairy is a very large thing to give up for a (not entirely) altruistic cause. I did it full throttle for a week and lost about a kilogram (with no switch up of my normal exercise) and I just felt … better.

I’ve read of other people who’ve done the same and now I can agree with their reports. You DO feel better. My skin cleared up, not overnight, we’re not talking miracles here, but considerably over a short period of time. I felt more clear headed, although that could be attributed to the fact that during this time I got my emotions all mainly sorted and yeah I just had more energy.

I don’t know what view I’m trying to prolificate here, maybe just have a think about a little trial conversion to a vege-box, see how it makes you feel, see how easy/hard it is.

And don’t watch Earthlings if you want to continue eating meat without a care.


Your personal space defines you

June 12, 2011

Straight up.


Any personal space you have shows people so much about who you are.

I reckon Facebook can be classified as a ‘personal space’ because the majority of people monitor what they put on their profile as they know they will be judged by anyone’s cursory sweeps of their pages. Except then I guess it’s kind of a faux personal space ion the way I’m trying to talk about it.

I’m attemting to articulate the point that a personal space that you have, that you don’t expect to be under watchery (made up a word), will be something that defines you as a person.

Messy room = messy life. Obviously not as clear cut as this but that’s the general gist of what I think I’m trying to say. When my room’s more tidy you can be sure my head’s in a better place.

I guess there’s something to be said for all that minimalist stuff. Which I know too little about to comment on

Peppermint tea, all for me

June 9, 2011

A delicious treat!

I’ve had a pretty choice eating day today. Had toast and coffee for breakfast, then some cashew nuts and juice and now more cashew nuts and some tea. First world luxuries.

You can find something good in every situation! I was feeling upset about a break-up BUT now I can empathise with my friends more because for the first time I’ve been the dumped one. So that’s good. And I’m grateful that the situation happened now before any disloyal things happened cause that’s make it waaay worse.

And I think a break-up is sometimes a great catalyst for change.

I might just go pick up my guitar again. It’s been pretty neglected.

Haha someone tols me that the “sadness comes in waves” so I’m on an up-wave at the moment. I was on a very down wave when I was in my exam and on the way home when I started crying on the ferry…ugggh. Emotions huh?

Alien Baby – definitely not a hoax

June 7, 2011


I’m going through some relationship troubles but this video has been the beam of light in my otherwise gloomy day. (And my friends, who I love and am immensely grateful for!)

I just watched more of thesse videos and am laughing like a maniac. Honestly, it’s very fortuitous I didn’t discover in the library or I would’ve been taken to a psych ward. Ahahaha!

Why are all these ‘aliens’ found in Mexico?

Dance in the Dubclub

June 5, 2011

Getting dooown to dub

My period of self-enforced leave from Facebook (thanks Cold Turkey) has resulted in me taking part in tasks that are probably equally as irrelevant to my overall life plan but slightly less depressing than Facebook. So all is well.

Thus far…

I’ve painted my face like some kind of robot warrior and did a photoshoot

Written a letter to myself that was brutally honest. Had some realisations.

Bought a dubstep album. An interesting occurence as prior to this day I’d been adamant in my hate of  dingdin bbeep bla tehtechht zingazing rrrrrreeee zing beep bebepp dddubbstep noise but I actually got some enjoyment from UKF Dubstep

I’m trying to figure out how you can dance to this noise. I’m unitiated, might try find some youtube instructional videYOS.

Read this lovely story. I like being reminded that good people exist and manage to function in a society that is inherently anti-empathy.

Was stoked to discover that a 300g instant meal of chick-peas and sauce was only 121 calories per serving. Then had a lol attack when I read there were actually three servings per packet when I had incorrectly assumed there was only one. “Oh wow I’m going to learn how to make this myself, I’m so full and it’s only 15g of carbs! That’s only like 1.5 units of insulin… BALLAH! ” Mmm, sometimes I’m foolish.

Had a half an hour shower. Fuck being environmentally conscious. No, I’m totally kidding (… but not about the shower). I usually have cold showers, there’s a fact about me.

Haha I just had a thought. You know those blow-up things (vague as, I’ll find a picture) (here). Anyway these things would be amazing at dancing to dubstep

Eaten four mandarins

Watched this , the whole thing. It was bad. Regretted wasting some of my life’s time.

Read about Charles Darwin

Was grateful I put the lid back on a bottle of Coke (zero) I had because I just accidentally flung it off my desk and it would’ve destroyed me to clean it up.

Decided this smart,visionary woman is lovely and that I’d continue reading her blog. (You should too!)

Wondered why I get so many views but so few no comments! I want to know about your existence! Tell me something interesting about yourself that no one else knows. I adore how the internet offers such easy anonymity.

I’m going to go pretend to be an inflatable man.


June 3, 2011

Honestly, I’m very rarely so shaken by something I’ve uncontrollably shuddered when I’ve been crying.

The Cove got me there.

I’m so grateful I’ve seen this.

It’s so easy to get into a rut with your day to day life and it’s an amazing thing to have something shake you up so much that you want to get out there and do something right NOW. Imagine living on those terms every. single. day.

Not being able to sit still and waste time and/or energy on trivial matters because you’ve found something so irrevocably important, it’d be an insult to your existence to continue to not act in some way to change it.

I wrote that in a fury. You know when you’re typing so fast that there’s a typo every second syllable and the keyboard is making a ridiculous amount of noise from being pounded so hard? If I had been in a library I would’ve been slaughtered in an attempt to silence the level of noise that I was making. I think the intricate abuse that I was hurling at the people who seem to be sociopaths yet manage to have wrangled themselves a position of governmental power would’ve also had people fearing for their safety (but they shouldn’t be afraid. I like most people)

Thoughts of tortes

June 3, 2011

Lawlawlawlawlawalawlawlaw is on my mind.

Stop thinking about law, think about food instead… what a delight this cake/this website is!

Do you think vegan eaterys will become more and more prolific over the next few years? I hope so. There’s a real stigma attached to veganism and that saddens me because it’s such a respectful way of eating.

Someone asked me why I don’t eat fish because they ‘can’t even feel anything.’ Aside from the fact that we don’t really know what they can and can’t feel, my main objection to seafood is the disruption depletion causes in the food webs of the ocean. Honestly, one extinction can have such a detrimental efffect.

Mmm. I feel like I can vocalise my thoughts of vegatarianism on this blogolog because you aren’t forced to stay here, you can leave/troll if these views are oppositional to yours. However, I generally try not to mention/make a general fuss/ preach about it to my friends because I feel like everyone’s entitled to make their own discoveries and shouldn’t have views pushed onto them that they haven’t already taken on board for themselves. Conversely, I suppose you could say that by not mentioning it I’m depriving them of the chance to be convinced by my eloquent descriptions that being animal free is the way to go.