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Bodygimp vs the Media

May 16, 2011


I just watched a very interesting little documentary here:

The video basically goes through the impact of the media on women of today’s society. There is a LOT of widely available documentation on this already and it is eye-opening, to say the least. While you might think (as I did) that you knew that these types of subliminally influential ads existed and that you were totally aware of the impact they had on other people and didn’t affect you, you are quite probably, as I was, entirely wrong.

If you’re closer to the proposed ‘perfect woman’ that the media presents, does it automatically follow that you’ll be happier, nicer, more empathetic, selfless, have fulfilling relationships, never fail, have a respectable moral code, never get hurt, always have poise and charm (poison charm? Haha, be able to engage in witty banter at all times…), have fun adventures, maintain long term friendships, be emotionally available to your loved ones, have impeccable monetary discipline…or make so much money that monetary discipline is rendered unnecessary, be intelligent, be socially apt, be healthier, be the be all and end all to everyone with whom you come in contact?

Of course not, in fact, it seems fatally flawed to even suggest such a preposterous idea.

Pretty does not equal perfect. Skinny does not equal perfect.

Yet I find myself, someone I consider to be fairly intelligent, wanting to conform to this idea. If I were skinnier, wouldn’t things be perfect then?

Realistically though, if I were to conform to the stereotypical girl body… (which is creepily close to that of a male)

Would I get more compliments? Would I be more likely to get my Masters? Would this change the way my friends treat me? Would me feeling better about myself have nothing at all to do with the weight I’ve lost and much more to do with the fact I’m eating primarily healthy foods and exercising with increasing regularity?

Keep your body and mind healthy. That’s it. That’s all.

PS: Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world !

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