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May 17, 2011


It’s just another timely Tuesday. The day of tues. The day of shoes. The day of choose. The day of choice!

Thus far, I’ve had 3 cups of coffee. Yesterday I read one of those things where people write into a magazine with their questions and some ‘expert’ answers them. This person said they thought they were getting fat from having one extra cup of coffee a day and thye wondered “whether the milk in a cup of coffee could add to significant weight gain?” “Potentially,” was the reply but apparently the milk was not entirely to blame. This supposed expert said that the caffeine in coffee makes you fat because it speeds up your metabolism, basically scaring your body into making fat. Sounds a bit like bollocks to me. The likelihood of me being wrong is fairly high considering I’m only using common sense here and have fairly little knowledge on metabolisms. I would’ve replied to this person, one extra coffee per day is probably not making you fat, and, if you really think it is and the weight gain bothers you, but you still want that cafffeine hit, starting drinking ristrettos or long blacks. No milk there. However, if you accept the ‘expert’s’ knowledge, cut out the caffeine altogether, get decaf. You’ll basically be paying your hard earned cash to drink flavoured water but at least you won’t be facing the wrath of weight gain.

Anyway today I was thinking a lot about things in my life. Sometimes you just can’t stop your mind spiralling round and round trying to catch itself out. I’m generally perceived as a positive person but when it comes to myself I’m actually secretly quite negative. Mmmm, always something to improve on, no? And that’s all you can do really, try to change yourself a little bit, for a little better each day.

Today I was thinking about making friends. I have my friends who I love and adore. I wasn’t thinking about them. I was thinking about those people who just instantly click with whomever they are talking to. I was wondering if this was a learnable talent. Is it even a definable talent? Are there certain criteria you have to meet in order to be universally accepted for who you are? Is it that these people couldn’t care less whether others like them or not and everyone’s attracted to this sort of self-assurance? Is it something to do with eye contact? I’m working on the whole eye contact thing because I still feel like staring at people non-stop while they’re talking is slightly creepy.

I think people also appreciate people who are totally straight up. I keep myself pretty guarded and haven’t quite learnt how to open up to people. I think this is okay because I’ve realised this figment of my character exists and I know basically why, I just need to work on rectifying my perceptions of how trust works. (Big call)

I would be very interested to know how people connect (on a deeper level than niceties), within a short period of time

EDIT: here’s a post I’ve just read, well worth sharing

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