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All in a daze work

May 18, 2011

I was in a bit of a daze yesterday.

You know those particular fuddleful days where you can’t seem to get anything straight and you just feel kind of directionless?

It was one of those beasts. I was harbouring some guilt about not going to the gym (it’stoofaraway, ihaven’tgotthetime, wherearemyshoes) but I made a resolution to go today so I told myself not to feel too bad about it. However! Today when I was walking towards the gym today (or around it as the case may be, it’s pretty open plan and you can see inside fairly easily) it was packed. Person after person on cardio and impossibly bulked male after implausibly thin woman lifting weights. So do you know what I did? I kept walking. Right on past.

I have some massive fears of gyming in front of a large number of people. I’m not even massively unfit, or fat, I’m just not very brave at times. Actually! Relevant side note, today I was thinking about how a lot of people get judged negatively for their gym habits (she’s trying to lose weight, ughhh, he’s just tryna bulk up because his personality won’t get him a girl) but going to the gym is a pretty hard gig if you don’t love going for the sake of going. I mentioned to m friend that I never ever judge fat people because I appreciate that they’re trying to do something about their situation and that shouldn’t be something that’s taken lightly. After making that call though, I began to think, what gives anyone the right to judge anyone? Everyone’s just doing the best they can manage. I think this is applicable a bit further afield than the gym situation. While I don’t feel like thinking about it right now, I think it’s a pretty important concept. I think empathy is the one of the most valuable character traits anyone can possess. Defintitely.

Today, I caught the bus home in peak time, so it was packed when it left the city, no spare seats situation, having to sit next to a stranger situation. No worries for me, strangers are manageable. What surprised me was when I got off the bus (it was about half way through the whole route) was this young man (about my age actually, but I feel like I can talk about him in a condescending manner … NO EMPATHY JUST HYPOCRISY! she cried) who was with a friend waiting to get on the bus at this stop. This is a pretty central spot so about half the people got off the bus. It was still fairly full, probably one person in every two person seat. Anyway this young man said to his lady friend “I’m not catching this bus.”

“Why” she inquired politely “Is it because you’d have to sit next to a stranger?”

“Yup” he replied

“Are you serious?”

“Yup. I’ll catch the next one. It’s only 10 minutes ”

At this point I walked off, pondering this peculiar state of affairs. My aforementioned gymnotgym escapade? Well that filled in this little interim, after which I walked back towards the bus stop. Those two were still sitting there (clearly this boy had some redeeming features because the girl stayed too) and I’ve just been thinking about this all evening. Is this a normal thing to do? Not get on a bus because you may have to sit next to a stranger? (A stranger who, it should be noted, may turn out to be your soul mate or even just a good mate, both rare and wonderful things)


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