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Paul McKenna Ken Make You Happy

May 20, 2011

Does he just?

I’m ambialent about the saliency of this in terms of it being a tool to change your life.

Straight up, I think an extended period of counselling is quite possibly the most effective tactic in regards to changing/healing your life.

HOWEVER, yesterday, when I went on my aforementioned jaunt to the library, I got out a book written by Paul McKenna “I Can Make You Happy” (includes free hypnosis cd) and my immediate thought was

“Big call, Paul”

I like the premise of hypnosis very much, don’t get me wrong, I’m honestly estatic for all the people it has worked for. I listened to the 23 minute recording before I went to sleep and again on the bus on the way to uni this morning. According to my good friend Paul, “The benefits will become stronger and stronger each time you listen” (p8) I hope this is true, because otherwise I’ve spent 46 minutes of my life listening to a stranger whisper words in a soothing tone in my ear.

Did you like that I referenced the page number up there? Referencing is very important. Remember: As a Stage One university student you know nothing and everything should most definitely be referenced. The younger you realise how very little knowledge you possess, the better your life will be. In my honest, unwashed opinion the most valuable commodity in the world is knowledge. Learn more for the sake of it. If you’re in a position where you can go to school and go to university, appreciate it. There’s people about uni who complain about their workload, and while, okay maybe you’re justified to say that, maybe your workload really is unmanageable (unlikely, browser history … facebookfacebookfacebook), but COME ON, who signed you up for university in the first place. If you didn’t want a tertiary education WHY are you attempting (and complaining) about getting one. I’ll kill you.

That said, uni isn’t for everyone (I’ve even wondered if it’s the place for me). You don’t have to be continuing your education to continue your education. Education is a life long venture, not one that stops when you stop paying the crippling university fees (which they apparently don’t have in some countries, like this one in Germany, who knew?).

Talking about fees, the New Zealand (right wing) government released our lovely little country’s budget yesterday. Fairly dire for those who are already in a dire state and fairly excellent for those who don’t need the breaks they’ll be getting. Sometimes socialism seems like the way forward for the future. I’m really not a fan of privatization. It’s badbad news.

Politics and ruling systems are so interesting. Power is an amazing/terrifying thing.

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