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Sattitude of gratitude

May 21, 2011

Today’s is Saturday (Sunday actually, but I started this little gem yesterday)

Things I’m holding an appreciative buzz for this week ended Saturhey;

Seth Godin. Always. His existence pleases me greatly. I’ve learnt innumerable lessons from his blog. Seriously, not kidding, I’ll go back through my favourites and find some more for you friends, because to miss out on his thoughts is verging on a crime against humanity.

He deserves a whole multitudes of posts.

That first link I put there succinctly sums up the modern humans’ painfully fallible quest to get work done.

Aloe Blacc. Good Things. I’ve listened to Green Lights on repeat 900 times. No biggie.

“The problem with having everything you want, is that you never really know what you need.”

That satisyfying feeling when you wake up the day after going hard doing something and all your muscles kinda hurt (gym, tramping, having sex, painting walls, whateveerrr, get physical)

Modest Mouse boating over to New Zealand. Mmmm yes please, get dem tickets in my hands.

Waking up earlier than you have to, so you can get ready to leave at a leisurely pace

Having some sort of mutant itchy bite that only itches at night (freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaky)

‘Lovely’ is one of my favourite adjectives.

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