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Tomato politics

May 21, 2011

I just got home from work + gym and I was pretty much delirious with hunger (that’s a lie) so I was down for some food treats (truth).

I had a delightful pikelet, an apple, a mandarin, some soy milk and I’m about to hae a cup of coffee and get dowwwn to some studyboxing. Anyway, I could have probably consumed the same amount of calories if I’d had a proper dinner but I just DIDN’T because snacks are exponentially more fun.

Saying no to people is a tricky thing. Like if someone wants your company and you’re just not in the mood/otherwise engaged it doesn’t mean you like them any less, it’s just that right in that exact moment, it’s not their company you want. If it happens continually, okay, maybe you just genuinely don’t like them but I think it would be chiller as if people realised rejection is okay if it’s coming from a place of love. Haha, I changed the direction of that previous sentence halfway through and now it sounds like some sort of motivation hoo ha speak.

I’ve seen two middle aged couples in the last two days that’ve made me feel slightly more secure that long term relationships actually exist at a functional level. The first encounter was when I was waiting at a bus stop and a car pulled up and the couple kissed before one of them got out of the car. It was just nice. I don’t think I quite captured how sweet it was in my tired words. I really should get into my study cave! I blew someone off in favour of study so it gives me pretty good motivation to actually do some. However, gotta get these little moments out into the world! Anyway the second encounter was today on my way to work. I was walking near this guy in the same direction and coming towards us was this older couple and as they approached, the guy ran behind the woman as though he was hiding and when they goot up to the young man I was walking next to, he jumped out to ‘surprise’ him. Very sweet. Too many adults get so weighed down by everything in their lives that they forget to play.

I suppose I’m actually extrapolating quite a lot, they might not actually be couples, the first could’ve been a father and daughter (it wasn’t an overly romantic kiss) and the second easily could’ve been a brother and sister. Just shows what’s on my mind I guess.

Homophobia makes me really sad. Whenever I think of homophobia I always think of that saying that goes something like “You react most strongly to the thing you most dislike within youself.” And I always think of Colonel Frank Fitts, in American Beauty, which is an excellent movie. I muchos recommend.

I was in a good mood when I started work because my favourite song was playing on the mall music system. A rarity, as they usually have some sort of beep bop track that makes me want to drown myself in strobe lights.

I just realised that I hadn’t had any vegetables today, so I said to myself “Oh I’ll go get myself a nice little tomato, that’ll fill my vegetable quota for the day, won’t it just?”

Tomatoes are a fruit.

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