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Attached to what?

May 25, 2011

Today I saw a man cleaning the windows of a hotel. He was up very high. I was looking at him on the very edgeedge of this building and was relieved to see he was attached to some wires. I looked up to see if I could see at what point the wires were attached to but I couldn’t because the sun blinded me.

Anyyyyway! It lead me to start thinking about this as some kind of flawed metaphor for everythingintheworld. If you find out where the strings are attached you’re going to be taken back to the source.

So, if you have some sort of issue that’s troubling you and you can’t quite seem to shake it, find the strings and they’ll take you back to the start.

Specifically, I was thinking about my reasons for procrastininating to a very unnecessary degree. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that I didn’t develop a strong work ethic during high school because I just didn’t have to work hard  to get really good grades. Further back from that, it may also have something to do with my fear that if it isn’t perfect … fuck it, don’t do it at all because that way you don’t affirm that I can’t do it because I didn’t even try.

Mmmm. I don’t like thinking about this sort of stuff too much because it can end up making you more depressed that you need to be. Taking action is hard, no?

I had a good conversation with a shop assistant in a clothes store today. I always make an effort to be friendly as I know how horrific some customers can be. Just throw what they want at you and expect you to still be civil to them. That’s no way to make the world a happier place. If you can be nice to someone, do it. It’s not even that hard.


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