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Oh Holy Daze

May 26, 2011

Did I get Lady Gaga’s new CD? Yes, yes I did. I reserve judgement ’til I’ve listened to it properly. However, from a cursory listen, it appears to have a lot of generic electronic noise.

Today I carried my gym stuff around all day and then ran out of time to go to the gym before I had to tutor my little person.

So I just got back from doing that and I thought to myself ohyeahsweetasI’lljustgotothegymrightnow. Trouble is, I’m currently unable to utilise transportation and with the weather as it is I don’t want to be waiting for public transportation. However then my brain came up with another thought, go for a run in the rain! You like doing that. Oh yeah. Good idea.

Then came an obstacle.

I did a blood test.

My blood sugar was





go for a run.

Haha, do you like how melodramatic I made that?

Yeah, so I’m a Type 1 diabetic. I put that in bold because I don’t like it when I come across sadly ignorant people who don’t realise there’s actually a difference between people who are Type 1 and Type 2. People who are Type 2 can go fuck themselves, I have absolutely zero sympathy for them. You ate yourself into this position, so fucking eat yourself back to normality. Honestly, I think type 2 diabetics should be shipped to a remote island and left to fend for themselves. No supermarkets on this island. No excuses either. They have to eat all natural food and they have to work hard (read; do some exercise) to grow it themselves. They’ll be sweet in no ime. Or they could all up and eat each other. No worries, the world may’ve lost some amazing people who I’m judging too harshly but there would be far less time wasted looking after them. Could spend an appropriate amount of time treating people who have got diabetes (or any other) disease through no fault of their own. Type 2 diabetics have no excuse for existing.

Although, that said… if we look at natural selection for the greater benefit of the human race, Type 1 diabetics should be exterminated, get those dirty genes out of our gene pool thanks.

Anyway back to some egocentric storytelling.

The dilemma here is, that for my blood sugar to go back up I have to eat something, and I’d prefer not to eat straight glucose, no nutritional valuue there, so I have to eat something more substantial to get the carbohydrates I need to be able to exercise safely and everyone knows it’s difficult to run on a full stomach. (Manageable) troubles in this world.

Maybe I’ll just have a cute little home work out to some Gaga number. (probably not this one, however it is enjoyable)

Haha. Right, I’m going to go read about photosynthesis.

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  1. May 29, 2011 8:03 am

    Thank you for a great post.


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