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May 30, 2011

There was one ant in my room.

It doesn’t belong there.

It is acting outside the norms of ant society; not only was it flying solo but there are no crumbs or foodlike tidbits to be had in my room. I know this because I actually cleaned it yesterday. Thus, this ant is a deviant. A very cheeky deviant.

If one was to utilise “hedonistic calculus”, what should the punishment for this little ant be? How dare he unlawfully enter my room and act all nonchalant, walking all over my desk. Trespassing, it could be said. AND I just looked at my space bar on my laptop and there. are. CRUMBS under it. How am I to know it wasn’t this impertinent little ant that dropped them there, ready to retrieve later on. I tried to remove the crumbs with a hairclip and failed.

Any way, this ants’ punishment. I took it outside and put it on a leaf. So now it’s very disorientated. I feel sort of bad about that, except since he’s still alive he has a chance of survival and consequently a chance of seeking forgiveness from our Father who ant in heaven.

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