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Soy you think you can dance?

June 1, 2011

I’ve been drinking soy milk (as opposed to cows milk) since I was a baby because the doctors told my mother that breeeeeeeast milk could lead to early (earlier) onset of diabetes (I was pre disposed to this lovely number so they tested me often) so I sw-sw-switched to soy.

You know when you’re having a laugh and you just want to take the joke further than it need to go? I was in that mood before, but my conversational partner was not. Conflict! Except not really, I just went and listened to some Gaga.

Did you know you can get soy protein powder? I wasn’t aware of this until the other day when I was having a browse of a health store (killing time to be honest) and I spotted this soy stuff. Interesting and good news for vegetarian ballahs who want to bulk up.

Ralph Waldo Emmerson is an author I’m grateful to have heard and read of. He lived from 1803-1882 so I had a laugh when I went on one of his Facebook fan pages and saw a comment that read

“I like your poem so much..”

 This comment is a lolattack on multiple levels because

1) He has not been alive for a long time

2) “Your poem” singular? Really? Oh wait, that’s right, he only wrote one.

 3) Why would you ‘like’ something on Facebook when you clearly don’t know anything about it (and therefore don’t really like it?) and then go on to prove that point by leaving a comment highlighting the fact you are an ignoramus?

I feel like unwriting that whole last bit of this post because it’s not very nice. I called someone an ignoramus! I would backspacebackspace it but I feel like it’s more of a good reminder for me if I leave it here!




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