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June 3, 2011

Honestly, I’m very rarely so shaken by something I’ve uncontrollably shuddered when I’ve been crying.

The Cove got me there.

I’m so grateful I’ve seen this.

It’s so easy to get into a rut with your day to day life and it’s an amazing thing to have something shake you up so much that you want to get out there and do something right NOW. Imagine living on those terms every. single. day.

Not being able to sit still and waste time and/or energy on trivial matters because you’ve found something so irrevocably important, it’d be an insult to your existence to continue to not act in some way to change it.

I wrote that in a fury. You know when you’re typing so fast that there’s a typo every second syllable and the keyboard is making a ridiculous amount of noise from being pounded so hard? If I had been in a library I would’ve been slaughtered in an attempt to silence the level of noise that I was making. I think the intricate abuse that I was hurling at the people who seem to be sociopaths yet manage to have wrangled themselves a position of governmental power would’ve also had people fearing for their safety (but they shouldn’t be afraid. I like most people)

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