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Thoughts of tortes

June 3, 2011

Lawlawlawlawlawalawlawlaw is on my mind.

Stop thinking about law, think about food instead… what a delight this cake/this website is!

Do you think vegan eaterys will become more and more prolific over the next few years? I hope so. There’s a real stigma attached to veganism and that saddens me because it’s such a respectful way of eating.

Someone asked me why I don’t eat fish because they ‘can’t even feel anything.’ Aside from the fact that we don’t really know what they can and can’t feel, my main objection to seafood is the disruption depletion causes in the food webs of the ocean. Honestly, one extinction can have such a detrimental efffect.

Mmm. I feel like I can vocalise my thoughts of vegatarianism on this blogolog because you aren’t forced to stay here, you can leave/troll if these views are oppositional to yours. However, I generally try not to mention/make a general fuss/ preach about it to my friends because I feel like everyone’s entitled to make their own discoveries and shouldn’t have views pushed onto them that they haven’t already taken on board for themselves. Conversely, I suppose you could say that by not mentioning it I’m depriving them of the chance to be convinced by my eloquent descriptions that being animal free is the way to go.


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