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Dance in the Dubclub

June 5, 2011

Getting dooown to dub

My period of self-enforced leave from Facebook (thanks Cold Turkey) has resulted in me taking part in tasks that are probably equally as irrelevant to my overall life plan but slightly less depressing than Facebook. So all is well.

Thus far…

I’ve painted my face like some kind of robot warrior and did a photoshoot

Written a letter to myself that was brutally honest. Had some realisations.

Bought a dubstep album. An interesting occurence as prior to this day I’d been adamant in my hate of  dingdin bbeep bla tehtechht zingazing rrrrrreeee zing beep bebepp dddubbstep noise but I actually got some enjoyment from UKF Dubstep

I’m trying to figure out how you can dance to this noise. I’m unitiated, might try find some youtube instructional videYOS.

Read this lovely story. I like being reminded that good people exist and manage to function in a society that is inherently anti-empathy.

Was stoked to discover that a 300g instant meal of chick-peas and sauce was only 121 calories per serving. Then had a lol attack when I read there were actually three servings per packet when I had incorrectly assumed there was only one. “Oh wow I’m going to learn how to make this myself, I’m so full and it’s only 15g of carbs! That’s only like 1.5 units of insulin… BALLAH! ” Mmm, sometimes I’m foolish.

Had a half an hour shower. Fuck being environmentally conscious. No, I’m totally kidding (… but not about the shower). I usually have cold showers, there’s a fact about me.

Haha I just had a thought. You know those blow-up things (vague as, I’ll find a picture) (here). Anyway these things would be amazing at dancing to dubstep

Eaten four mandarins

Watched this , the whole thing. It was bad. Regretted wasting some of my life’s time.

Read about Charles Darwin

Was grateful I put the lid back on a bottle of Coke (zero) I had because I just accidentally flung it off my desk and it would’ve destroyed me to clean it up.

Decided this smart,visionary woman is lovely and that I’d continue reading her blog. (You should too!)

Wondered why I get so many views but so few no comments! I want to know about your existence! Tell me something interesting about yourself that no one else knows. I adore how the internet offers such easy anonymity.

I’m going to go pretend to be an inflatable man.

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