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Peppermint tea, all for me

June 9, 2011

A delicious treat!

I’ve had a pretty choice eating day today. Had toast and coffee for breakfast, then some cashew nuts and juice and now more cashew nuts and some tea. First world luxuries.

You can find something good in every situation! I was feeling upset about a break-up BUT now I can empathise with my friends more because for the first time I’ve been the dumped one. So that’s good. And I’m grateful that the situation happened now before any disloyal things happened cause that’s make it waaay worse.

And I think a break-up is sometimes a great catalyst for change.

I might just go pick up my guitar again. It’s been pretty neglected.

Haha someone tols me that the “sadness comes in waves” so I’m on an up-wave at the moment. I was on a very down wave when I was in my exam and on the way home when I started crying on the ferry…ugggh. Emotions huh?

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